Thursday, March 11, 2010

Waiting For The Paint To Dry

Really!  I’ve been working on a couple of pieces of furniture.

Like this piece.


They are the old vintage fold down chairs with slatted seats.  They’re taking FOREVER to paint.  So many nooks and crannies.  And then I can’t fold them down to finish them until the paint dries blah….blah….blah….

Anywho, they are going to be super duper cute!  They’ll be distressed and glazed and the inside back of each chair will have a big number painted on it.  As long as this  thing is taking me it should sell for a bazillion dollars.  It won’t, but I just feel like it should.  :)  I know, I know, spray paint, right?  But we just kinda like the way the brush strokes look when the pieces are dry.  Especially on this vintage stuff.


This is a cute little vintage side table with drawer.  It’s also on wheels.  CUTE!  The top is decoupaged.  I still have to crackle and glaze.  Can’t wait to see how this one turns out.  The glaze will, of course, really darken up that printed paper and give it a great old look.

Both of these pieces will head to the Rink!  Sooner or later!  I had intended to have them ready tomorrow.  Huummm……..that’s not happenin’!

While I had everything out, I’m painting this piece, for myself.


See, no worries, I still love my color!

I’m really trying to get rid of things that I don’t consider “me” any more.  Although what “me” is, remains a little unclear.

My persistence and patience finally paid off.  I found one of the little oriental lamps that I have been wanting since we went on our trip last fall to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


They had a collection of them in this very kitschy, eclectic little restaurant and I’ve been on the lookout ever since.


Here’s mine.  I love the way it looks sitting on top of my vintage seed box.  The total contrast in styles but the perfect colors.  Some goofy person had painted the shade.  Other than that, it’s in perfect condition.  And here’s the best part.  All of the others that I had seen were selling for around $75.00.  Another dealer, and friend, at the Rink, sold this one to me for what she had paid for it.  $10.00!!!!!  I was so thrilled, not to mention grateful, that I could have jumped up and down!   I just love my little kitschy cool lamp!


What is my style anyway?  CRAZY!

While I had the camera out…….


The newest look on the little mantel in the living room.


What do you do with your vintage books when you don’t have a single book shelf?  I put mine in giant urns.

The larger mantel upstairs is also undergoing a change. 


Hubby’s vintage camera collection is coming out of the closet.


I think it kinda fits the decor of this room. 


Sorry about the quality of these pics.  This room never photographs well.


Loved this pic. that I found at Hobby Lobby not long ago.  Printed on burlap.  I tell ‘ya……that store can be a independent retailers worst nightmare.  I would bet that by this time next year, we’ll be seeing all of the industrial type looks that are so popular with the number and letter craze at H.L. for a fraction of the cost. 

Other things that will be finding their way out of my house for good……


The last of my black plate collection.


This pair of candle sticks.  These are actually going to be a little hard to let go of.


This giant sized lamp which is ALMOST tall enough to be a floor lamp.

I guess I’m going for the vintage, chippy, shabby, collected over time by a blind person with no regard for style other than what she likes……..look.  Yep!  That’s it! 

Have a great Friday!



  1. Let us say your style is Eclectic Chic!! That works! Love your finds!!!

  2. Hey Denise,
    I love you funky, lovely style! I would love to see your booth, I just know it's full of great stuff.

    I like your lamp and it looks great.


  3. those retro lamps! And that paint job looks like a nightmare of nooks and crannies. :0)


  4. Denise, I love everything and adore your mantle. OH how I miss Hobby Lobby!! We don't have them here in Oregon. Can you believe it? Probably saves a lot of money, but still!


  5. I love that chair, and I think I'm going to ask my dad to borrow his old camera collection for a display. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Denise,
    My aunt had an oriental lamp a lot like yours. I remember as a child being so fascinated with it. I truly love your style. I got inspired by one of your pics. Your rock behind your mantle. I'm painting my gawdawful fake rock behind our wood stove tomorrow!

  7. Love the red, black and green - perhaps your style is retro-eclectic? I've also heard it called San Francisco style.

  8. You and I have the same style and look. Crazy and whatever goes. I don't have any direction either but just throw it all together. Love those slatted chairs. I have so many dark pieces of furniture that need makeovers. Care to come on over and paint them up for me? I just gotta get motivated to get started. Have a fabulous day! Many blessings, Tammy

  9. Luv all your projects!!! I'm sure everything will turn out dreamy :)

    I don't know much about painting, just learning as I go. What's the glaze for??? Does it just give it a finishing touch after distressing???

  10. I hope you continue showing us your ever-changing decor. You have some wonderful things! I really like the idea of filling an urn with books. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Oh my daughter would absolutely love that chandi pic. She wants to paint her room pink and stecil black chandies on it. We'll see if that happens?
    I am in to process of trying to decide on a style right now, too. This is harder than it sounds, especially when I go visit so many beautiful blogs. I like it all, LOL.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Your style is "YOU"!! Whatever makes you smile...and your home makes me smile so I guess where a kinda alike, huh?
    Great job on snagging the lamp, it looks wonderful!
    Have a Happy Friday!

  13. I am sooooooooo GLAD someone else is not sure what their style is either! I have always blamed being a Gemini my problem. You know... one of the twins loves the soft colors & neutrals & the other twin loves COLOR! And the darndest thing is I never know which twin will be in charge for the day. Love your Santos you showed in the post today. And how wonderful you found your lamp. Sometimes "The Hunt" is the best part. Hope it's warming up there in Oklahoma for you. You've had your share of winter this year. Have a great weekend. Charlene

  14. The side table is quite pretty. I really like the color but it is those chairs that I can't wait to see when you are finished.

  15. If you're crazy, then so am I.

    I call it "Eclectic". It's when you like many different styles and find a way for them to go together. It does make for an interesting look.


  16. Hi Denise, I luv your crazy style it's cool. And it's yours. Have a good weekend I hope the weather changes soon for you back there, Julian

  17. Loving your eclectic style! Have a sweet day!

  18. I love your style and I would say it's eclectic :)I can't wait to see how the chairs turn out!

    Sandy xox

  19. Hello Denise, I really like what you did to the side table. What do you glue the book pages down with? Do you seal the pages when you are finished? if so with what. Also do you add color to the glaze? What makes it look old when you are finished? Please email me if you have the time. I really enjoy your blog you are very talented with your pieces. sandi


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