Thursday, April 8, 2010

One More Time

I’ve been a bit off my game this week.  I was just sure that I would be posting almost every day and here it is Thursday. 

Worry takes a toll on you though.  Heather is having ANOTHER hernia surgery tomorrow morning.  This is the third hernia surgery and the EIGTH abdominal surgery that she has had.  She WISHES that she could say that one of them was at least something like a tummy tuck!  Not so.  This surgeon said that this hernia surgery will be the LAST one.  That’s what she was told last time!  This hernia came up between the upper and lower mesh from the other surgeries.  Poor thing!   She was hoping that she could wait until after the wedding but it just wasn’t to be.   At least she’ll get it out of the way and then on with the fun stuff!

So……I’ll give you one giant loooong post today because I’m sure that I will be out of pocket for several days.

Speaking of the wedding……..

We have been looking for inexpensive but cute little gifts for the wedding guests.  Heather found these at Target in the dollar bin!


These cute bags of garden seeds in burlap-like bags!


I was surprised at how many seeds were folded up inside of that little bag!

So…I’m going to remove the little tag and tuck it inside so that everyone knows what their seed packets are and then……

Finish them off like this……


There’s that scrim again!  I am beyond thrilled with these!  They go with our theme, they’re cute, and they were inexpensive! 

Don’t bother looking for any of these in the dollar bins around OKC, I think Heather bought all they had at every store!  Don’t you know those clerks had to be wondering what was going on when she was checking out!  :)


I am bound and determined to teach myself to slipcover.  That being said…..I attempted my first chair this week!  What a learning experience.  I didn’t take a pic., I was too embarrassed.  Who wants such a poor sewing job displayed in blogland forever!  I learned a lot though, and am ready for my next project.  I will NOT give up!  It’s hard though!  (insert whine here)

I have completed a couple of easy projects.


i finished the slipcover on my bedroom ottoman.  Now I wish I had shortened the skirt so the legs would show.  There’s always next time though.

And then there’s my closet……

First, let me tell you about my closet.  I did  a major, major clean out about two years ago, and it’s been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  (Hubby has his own closet.)  I have really stuck with my rule that if something goes in then something else has to come out.  And I’m mostly jeans and tees anyway, so I’m not a big clothes hog like I used to be.  Anywho…….I have had tons of fun decorating my little closet.


Here’s the ottoman that I slip covered.  That black and white material used to be the valance in the kitchen!

While I was there I took a few more crazy pics. for you.


Storage boxes.  Sooooo much better than all of that clutter sitting everywhere.  I hung the gold 80’s shoes over one of them just for fun!


Love this thing for small bags and such.


Too much?  Nah!


More cuteness.  Huumm, I need to paint that little jewelry box.

Organized my costume jewelry.



I found this cute chandelier which hubby hung for me to replace the ugly bare bulb that was in the closet.


And……okay, I admit this is over the top.  But I didn’t have any other place  to put these sheers, and I really really loved them.


That’s looking at the door from the inside of the closet.  All of my scarves hang on a little over-the-door rack on the inside of the door.

So this is my bright and colorful little closet.  Or the “inner sanctum” as T-man and Hubby call it!

Enjoy the eye candy and have a nice weekend.  No news is good news from me!



  1. I'm so sorry Heather has to have surgery again! Wow, I don't think I've ever heard of anyone having constant hernia's like that. Will be sending extra positive energy & healing her way.

    Your closet is to die for! So different, funky and fun ~ I love it! Thanks for me inspiration for sure.

    The seed packets are perfect for your gifts! I love the way you've decorated them too. Very creative, lady.


  2. Poor Heather, I am so sorry that she has to go through such a difficult surgery. I hope she gets well soon.

    As for your's wonderful. I love how you have decorated it and made it so fun and inviting. Love it!


  3. Sweetie, I am so sorry Heather has to have surgery again. Send her my best!

    I love the wee bags with the birdseed. That is a fabulous idea.

    I could live in your uber-glam closet! Great job!


  4. Oh, poor Heather...goodness she's had her feel of surgery I know. Thomas is headed to a surgeon next Wednesday..his belly button is pooching out and pain moving all around..hard to detect...nothing showed up on an ultrasound which we thought was odd. Hopefully we will know more next week.

    Big hugs to Heather. ♥♥♥

    Thanks for visiting...

  5. Hi: I am so sorry about Heather. I will pray for her. I love what you did in your closet. You even decorated the shelves. Too cute! I will be praying about tomorrow. Blessings, Martha

  6. Denise amor, I hope Heather feels better real quick, the last hernia op I had, I was up and doing things real quick, pretty pain free, but I had to keep being reminded to not over do things or I would end up in the same place again...ouchie! I love your ideas for these lil wedding gifts, they are adorable! As for your closet??? Oh my stars I wanna live in it! hmmm you know I have a lil bebe chandi that I think just might work in my closet, will have to have hubby take a look at that :) and your learning to make slipcovers?? I am in awe amor, I am still "thinking" about learning to sew lol Have a beautiful weekend! Besos, Rose know I ran right out to Marshalls looking for those lil skirts and all the ones that I could find here were in bright neon colors :( I was crushed lol

  7. Hi Denise, That is a great post of your closet. I like that chandelier. And that mermaid on the wall. I hope Heather recovers soon from her surgery. I have the same problem. But I havent gone to get surgery yet. In the mean time I just push it back in. Well I do hope you two have your selves a great weekend considering. I am also glad you liked the planters...Julian

  8. What cute bags!! Loved your idea of redoing them. I hope Heather's surgery went well and thanks for stopping in. Yes, please try and plan to come to the shows in the Fall, you won't want to leave. Happy Friday, Theresa

  9. Prayers and hugs coming your way. Hoping she recovers quickly and has no more problems. And I LOVE your closet. I live in a double wide trailer and the closets are the tiniest little things that will barely hold a winter coat so I can appreciate having your own closet large enough to hold those cute sheers! Hope you have a great day!

  10. the closest is just gorgeous !!

    Sandra Darling xoxo

  11. I hope this surgery is the LAST one EVER!

  12. Hi! I'm so glad you stopped by cuz now I found your fabulous blog! After seeing you redo of the little seed bags I needed to see more of your creations and have been going through older posts, so many great ideas and talents you have! I am now a follower, and will be back often, Theresa

  13. I am sending prayers your way and hope the surgery is the last and very successful. Your blog is so wonderful...Love your closet and those little gifts and just lovely! You have such talent and great ideas. I've had a joyful visit and can't wait to return! Karen

  14. Good Luck on the surgery. Bummer that she has had so many. Cute idea with the seeds. Did you get enough? If I can get them here for you I would be happy to. Let me know if I need to look. HUGS! Charlene


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