Thursday, November 18, 2010

HOW many days!?

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is next week and then we’ll be well on the way to Christmas!

This year has flown by.

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?

I’ve been digging through boxes and boxes of decorations this week.  Trying to decide what to keep and what to sell at the Rink.

Which is where I came across this…..


It WAS a Santa with this beautifully embroidered coat.


With pretty detailing.  I was pulling him out of his box one year (brand new) and promptly dropped him on his face, which was porcelain and broke him.  I was sick.  SICK I tell ya!  Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. :)

Anywho……he’s been stuck in the closet for years.

Heather and I were shopping last week at T.J. Maxx, and yes, I am now extremely BROKE!……  And found the cutest felt snowman head ornaments.


So I tore off the Santa head and replaced it.



Replaced the Santa outfit with white fabric and bling and my Snow Girl Diva was born!

She absolutely refused to wear all white!  Boring, according to her!

Besides, I just had to use that gorgeous coat!

This was about a 30 minute project and used things that I already had in my craft room. 

Nothing better than getting new Christmas decor for nothing!

I did something similar to this guy last year.



Are you ready to craft?  I bet you have some old Christmas decor that would be perfect for this kind of a project.


So now that I’ve saved you potentially Tons and Tons of money :)…….perhaps you would consider something that would bring a joyous Christmas to others.

The BETHEL FOUNDATION is a wonderful wonderful non-profit  organization for single Mom’s and their children.  If any of you have struggled with being a single mother, you know how difficult it can be both financially and emotionally. 

Their Christmas program is called Angels For Mom’s.  I know that times have been difficult this year for many of us, but if you have just a little to give, Bethel would really appreciate your help in adopting a mother and her child or children for Christmas.  This would be a great project for the business where you work.  Everyone could put in just a little money and you could give a family a wonderful Christmas.

As I said, times have been difficult and the need this year has sky rocketed. 

Heather first became acquainted with Bethel when she was a single mom, and now works there three days a week.

Your can reach them at 405-286-3700 if you are interested.  You can also access their web site from the link above if you would like to know more about them. 

Of course, I intended this message for anyone local, since I know that there are many of you who read my blog.  However, I am sure that they would accept out of state assistance also.  :)

Just ask for Heather!!




See ya!



  1. Ha! Great minds think alike! I just did a post talking about how fast time was going by!!!! Don't ya just love decorating for Christmas? I started early this year as we are going away for Thanksgiving and I wanted it to be all finished and pretty when we returned. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Denise!

  2. Love what you did with the snowman! Don't you just love it when inspiration hits and VOILA! the perfect alter-ego for Santa!
    I have been so busy I haven't been by the rink! I need to drop by and see all your loveliness!

  3. Love the snow Diva!! her bling! Thanks for the reminder about Bethel...I will check for a local chapter and see what I can do.
    I refuse to decorate for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving! Ha! Then the decor will go up and stay up till Valentine's Day! Ha!
    I love Christmas decorations!

  4. You did a marvelous job deary on the snow diva.

    So cute


  5. I hardly ever stop long enough to go thru many blogs any more, make a hit there, a look here...but today on Thanksgiving, I settled in with a cup of coffee and clicked on your blog. Ohhhhh! How I forget how much I LoVE your blog! Had to just scroll thru all the way to July to catch up! I love what you do, your style, your finds, your creations!!! Thank you for making my morning so lovely as I thank you for your creativity on this Thanksgiving Day!!!!!

  6. I hope you had a Merry Turkey Day Sweet Denise!


  7. What a clever gal you are, that looks wonderful!!! I would find a way to use the coat too!!! You are so right, the time is flying by so fast.....
    I haven't even pulled out the Christmas things yet!
    Hope you had a great holiday with all the family and friends....lots of turkey and all the special goodies!!!!
    Margaret B

  8. I love the Snow Girl Diva! She is adorable!! I agree, all white is boring!


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