Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Countdown!

The big day is Saturday and we are indeed on the countdown!

The house is torn to pieces as I pull things for our table vignettes.

YIKES!  Do you think you may have too much “stuff” if you can decorate an entire wedding around it?   Well….I admit that I do have tons and……tons!  But I just can’t seem to live without it.  And let’s face it…..it really is coming in handy this weekend.

We finished MOST of our DIY projects.

The boutonnieres.  Again, inspired by lala laurie.

Heather will also have a junior brides maid. Her matron of honor has two girls.  Piper (don’t you just love that name) is the same age as T-Man so it was perfect for her to be part of the wedding party. 

Here’s her bouquet.

Perfect for a twelve year-old girl!  All of the flowers are paper.  Accented with tulle.

Two corsages.

Mine is the one on the left.  I think I’ll wear it in my hair?  Probably, maybe……..

So you wonder if there will be real flowers?  Absolutely!

We have green hydrangeas, pink peonies, & pink gerber daisies ordered.  We are also shopping for garden flowers that we can plant at home afterwards.  So……yep!  Plenty of pretty (real) flowers!

Back to work…..!

See all of you AFTER the wedding!  Thank ALL of you so so much for your support and sweet comments.  They mean so much to both Heather and I. 

I hope to catch up on all of my blogging after the wedding.  I have so many wonderful blogs that I have only had time to visit and no time to leave comments. 

Thanks and hugs to you all!

Denise and Heather

Monday, May 17, 2010

It’s True!

We work well under pressure!  We have accomplished soooo much since last Friday! 

First, let me say that I never knew what i was missing.


These little stamps from Martha Stewart are just toooo great!  I’ve stood in front of the display at Michaels I don’t know how many times and never even considered buying one.  Until I visited lalalaurie.  I am in love with her work. 

We completed our little hankie covered luminaries.

wedding 004

Little birdies on all of the handles.  And just WAIT until you see the vintage garden piece they’ll be hanging on.

We found a super cute ornament at Christmas at Hobby Lobby.  But it was so small that it needed something……..

I surprised Heather with this, yesterday afternoon……..

wedding 007

The round base is the lid from a coffee container.  I glued it to a brown and white petite coffee cup for the base.  She loved it!

wedding 005

This little guy is presently living on our vintage tea cart that we purchased last week.

The Bride’s Bouquet!!!!!!!

We wanted a bouquet made entirely of vintage brooches.  That didn’t happen.  Too expensive.  Too hard to find.  So here’s what we came up with……enjoy! 



With the exception of 2 or 3, all of the flowers are handmade.  By us and all of our wonderful friends who joined us Friday evening.  A work of love!

The Maid of Honor Bouquet

wedding 025

I made these little cones yesterday afternoon.  One for the bride.  One for the groom.  His little blue bird flew the coop!  He’s loose somewhere in the house! ;)

Hope you love it all as much as we do!  We’ll have more to come later in the week.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Cry For Help!


Not too dramatic is it?  Okay……here’s the deal.  Heather and I are behind.  I mean waaaay behind on our DIY projects for the wedding.  Which pretty much means everything involved with the wedding.  So we’re looking for some of our local blog buddies who are willing to be bribed.

Hey, I’m just bein’ honest here!

We’re having a little semi impromptu DIY party Saturday evening May 22nd.    7:00PM at my house. 

If you would be interested in a little hands on tutorial on many of the posies that I have been making. 

Like say these…….



And some of the others that I can’t find pics. of right now…..sigh……they’re somewhere in my files.

Or maybe a tutorial on some of the following.

We’ll also probably be working on Heather’s bouquet and, if we’re all organized, a banner.  Maybe some digital image projects.  Who knows, we have lots of things still to complete. 

Anywho, it will be one big giant craft and DIY  hands on tutorial and party for the wedding.

We’ll provide refreshments and supplies if you will provide your cheerful and willing selves to help!

Heather and I would really really appreciate anyone who loves all of this crazy stuff as much as we do, which I know means all of you, coming to our rescue!

E-mail us if you are willing to come to our rescue attend the party!

Thanks so much! 

Keeping my fingers crossed!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Check It Out!

New post at countryboycitydiva!  Just thought you might want to check it out and see what goodies I found for you today!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tweet Tweet!

We just keep finding cute DIY projects as we search through all of the wonderful wedding web sites.  I thought this was so cute and would be appropriate for so many different occasions.


You can find this project here……..

Brides Cafe.

Enjoy creating!


Have you heard about the new blogger options?  Find out more about it here……


You can finally change your blog to a three column without editing your HTML.  There are also lots of other fun new options.   I’ve been experimenting with it on our wedding blog.  Take a look and see what you think.

country boy city diva

I’ve had lots of fun changing the background and all kinds of things.  I love playing with this stuff.  Anywho……just thought I would pass along the info.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Chipped, Rusty, and Yummy

Well, Heather and I made just enough money this weekend to cover our newest wedding acquisitions and that’s about it. 

We picked up this AWESOME garden tea cart.



Love all of the colors.  AND the handle is just too cute!


Once again, hubby just doesn’t get it.  He wanted to get all of the “loose paint” off and proceeded to break one of the wheels, banging it on the floor.  Urrrgggh!

I just had to hold my tongue, because he had been sweet enough to buy me this…….


For Mother’s day.  Is that not the most PERFECT blue ever?!  Yep, I thought so. 

Heather and I also picked up this little piece.


I don’t know what it was intended for.  A paper towel dispenser maybe?  Anywho…..we thought it would be a cute addition to the food table.  For crackers or whatever.



OkaY…that was fun, I just had to stop right in the middle of my post and go to the storm cellar.  There was a tornado on the ground 4 miles from our house and the sirens were blaring!  Jez……

So…..where was I?

Oh……and I love the way that it displays my goodies.

I sorta lost my train of thought here.   

So, the tea cart will be paired with our little favors.


They turned out soooo cute!  They deserved a vintage tea cart.  Don’t you think?

Have a wonderful Monday! 

I give.  I think I’ll just go sit and stare for awhile!


Friday, May 7, 2010

WOW! New work from Heather

Heather has been waaayyy behind sending me pics. of her most recent work.  Thought you might want to see some of her newest pieces.  All of these pieces are SOLD!  However, she’ll be happy to paint something equally as gorgeous for you.

Serious eye candy to follow…………










securedownload56 securedownload58




Makes you think twice about some of that ugly furniture that you pass up, huh?

Have a happy Mother’s Day!

I would sure like to have a chest painted with one of the cute designs above for my mother’s day!!  (hint hint)


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