Tuesday, October 25, 2011

looking through the window…..

Yes, I’m still here.  Just the same old same old.  I hadn’t taken any pics. in so long that the camera battery had to be charged.  Just thought I’d stop by and show you my fav. new find.

Certainly the walls are never bare for long around here. 

The next greatest thing seems to be getting  more difficult to find.

And I’m always looking for a new way to use my jewelry as art.

I found this Church window last week at the Rink.  With the bar running across it still intact.

I love it!  I’ll be looking for old clips to hang some of my vintage photos.  And for other windows so that I can maybe layer them on the mantel.

But I love the way that it looks in the bedroom for now.  And my vintage photo of the Teton Mountains really sets it off for me.

Hope you are having a lovely week!



  1. wow, this is fabulous, love your jewelry hanging there, it's gorgeous! xoxo

  2. Oh...yes that's a great old window. What a great find. Perfect for jewelry. You always have so many pretty things. I too think it's harder and harder to find unusual things or is it that we have so much already?

  3. I have got to get myself to the Rink. Great score.

  4. Oh my! I love your blog!! I just stumbled upon it yesterday....

    I'm a follower....I'll be back again!!!

    Tried to leave a comment but it didn't take the first time...??? I have to post as anonymous...


  5. That was a great find and looks so good with the jewels hanging from it

  6. I die. That window and the Santos are to die for!

    Hope you are doing well!



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