Friday, March 25, 2011

Gallery Walls

I’ve been studying them quite a bit lately.  In preparation for an upcoming project.


We’ll be doing an accent wall in a living room.


I love the idea of combining different elements and textures, other than just framed art.



Normally, I like my vignettes very symmetrical.  This should be a real challenge for me!


In theory, if you mat your art in a wide solid color, it separates and makes it stand out from a busy background.  In reality (mine at   least) this room would drive me crazy!  Wow!!

So, the wall in question won’t be completed for a couple of weeks.  Because…….we’re heading to Round Top next weekend and hope to find some wonderful, and unusual goodies.

Heather and I are soooo excited!  We’ve never been!  We’re hoping to find the perfect vintage elements for the living room gallery wall we’ll be doing.

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Have a wonderful weekend!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last Week…..

Last week’s projects are finished.  No lists of things to do here.  I just GO!  Where ever my muse leads me.  I think she has a bit of a problem staying on task! :>) 

Turquoise “Song Bird” chest for the Rink.   I love this one!

I was going for a bit of an Anthro. look.  The birdies are French music paper.


My guest room is in a transition period (again.)  Since I moved my sewing area, I have more room to play with new projects.

Another glue gun project.  I upholstered the body of this bench with a drop cloth.

The seat is covered in the linen from my old bench.

arm detail.  Yep, glue gun.

The legs were what originally attracted me to this piece. 


She always looks sooooo guilty.  As you can probably see, the bed is a work in progress.

My little basket of vintage linens.

I’m close to being through with this room.  More photos later. 

Hope you all have a beautiful week.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Sad Goodbye

Well….I tried EVERYWHERE to find a place for my sofa.


My custom reupholstered vintage sofa.


But in the end, it made it’s way to the Rink.  We delivered it today.

Someone will be taking home a wonderful piece of furniture.  New foam in the cushions.  New foam and down in the back.  I probably sat on this sofa a total of about 30 minutes during the entire time that I owned it.  I needed the new sewing area waaaayy more than I needed to keep my sofa…..sigh……

Heather painted the coffee table a couple of weeks ago and it just happens to look fab. with the sofa.  So cute and colorful and the perfect height.

Our new partner, Ms. R,, wanted to sell her matching ottomans.   I LOVED them!  With their faux fur bottoms and red damask tops.  They also just happened to match the sofa and the coffee table. 



We also have two solid black end tables that we just brought in and this……


Is this chest just the most adorable thing ever?!

We’re stocked FULL of lamps, framed art, and lots of other goodies.  Coming soon are cute Easter goodies and other pieces of furniture!

Can’t wait to show you the pictures of our Easter decor.  We have had so much fun creating.

Yes…..we have a new partner.  Ms. R is just the sweetest, but prefers to remain mysterious.  She has exactly the same taste and passions for decorating and creating as Heather and I and a HUGE ambition to see us grow beyond  our humble little space at the Rink.  NO…..there is NOT another shop in our future.  This is working out well for us.  But there MAY be other news in our future. 

Well, so much for this rambling post!  :)

Talk to everyone later in the week!


Thursday, March 10, 2011


Do you know what YOURS is?  Your forever color?  You know…… that “go to” color that you always love.  It mixes with most everything in your home, and you can always count on it to……well… just know that it will always work for you.

It was the color of the sweet little plate that you found for practically nothing.  On super sale, because in the 90’s no one was really using that color.


The paint color that you mixed yourself.

To match your favorite chairs.

Or a yummy Hydrangea.  Or maybe YOUR favorite flower!

The toile fabric that you love. Even though toile isn’t as “in” as it used to be.  Just because the background color is sooooo perfect.

The little chair  you repainted that seems to really show your vintage linens so much better than it did before.

How about the chippy vintage tea cart you just HAD to have. 

You use it on your bed.

With touches here and there.

So what’s your “go to” color?

Mine?  Hummmm…..I’ll have to think about that!  :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Monday, March 7, 2011


All of the gorgeous Spring images that I’m seeing on blogs are so inspiring!







That pink thermos jug is just the cutest!

I wonder if I could talk hubby into building me a little studio like this…….



And then I would fill it with goodies like these…..



The perfect place for a little inspiring…..messiness!

On our home front…….

Congrats. to my grandson, T-Man!!  Who just got his first stripe in Karate tonight.


Karate is something that we wish we had started him in years ago.  He’s very shy and quiet and a program like this does so much for kids self esteem, self discipline, and it’s great exercise.

See ya!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Have A Seat

When are dining chairs considered “vintage” instead of just ugly and old?  My dining chairs were definitely the latter. :)  Just plain ugly!

I’ve blogged about these chairs before.


Yep, ugly!


Here they are now.  No1 and there’s also a No2

Update on the burlap.  NOT great for sitting on every day.  Even though we only use the table and chairs several times a year, because of the loose weave and the overall nature of burlap, the numbers are beginning to wear off.

So, then I thought “slipcovers!”



Which is when I made this one.  I loved the way that it turned out.  Well, except for the front, which needs ties to stay put.  But I didn’t use a pattern.  So months later, when I was ready to slip my other chairs, oops……I wasn’t quite sure that I could duplicate it.  Sigh……..

This chair was next.


Drop clothes for the seat and white linen for the pleats.

Then, hey, why have any two alike, right?


So I ruffled the last one.  With cotton lace.


Here are the backs.  So……hands down, the fitted button back is the most functional and stays put the best. 

So now that I’ve figured that out……:)

I guess I’m done.  In the end, I really don’t mind the fact that they’re all different.  And hey, it gave me something to blog about. :)

Have a wonderful weekend.



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