Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Farm Table Love!

Who isn’t loving the farm house look!  Even Heather has jumped on board.  When she decided she needed a new dining table, reclaimed barn wood was at the top of the list.  She loves it.  I’m almost afraid to leave her alone at our barn.  She keeps looking longingly at that hundred year old wood!  Smile 

So…..she found someone who sells reclaimed wood and purchased several pieces.  And had every intention of building a base.

Then she found this…..


Those curved legs?  I have to say, I was a bit skeptical with the barn wood.

Anywho……bye bye went the original top.



And the table was reassembled with the barn wood top.

We both love the look of a dark stained top with a painted bottom.


Gel stain is our favorite.  It’s so easy to work with.  And dark walnut……yummy!



Like I said…..yummy!

The base….?


YES!  It’s here!  Crème de Menthe Maison Blanche furniture paint for the base


Pretty just like it is.  But with this look…..you gotta have that old chippy layered look.


So Vanilla Maison Blanche furniture paint over the crème de menthe Maison Blanche furniture paint.


Then sanded.



Then the entire table received a coat of wax. 


Briwax is one of my favorites.  Especially for table tops.  I use the clear Briwax on my farm table.

And here it is in the kitchen dining area.  Still a work in progress.  We’re looking for chairs.  I have to add fabric trim to her coffee sack café curtains.


Boy was I wrong about that base!  It looks fabulous!

More pics. later when everything is finished.


Both Old Masters gel stain and Briwax are available at Mungers Paint in OKC.

Heather and I poured up 4 ounce color samples of the Maison Blanche paint this afternoon.  Both the 4 oz. size and the quarts will be available at The Rink Gallery by the end of this week!  You are going to LOVE this paint!


AND new colors of Maison Blanche paint coming in November!  Kelly Green, RED!!, and Turquoise! And…AND an Organza Shimmer coat.  Yummy!!  Hummmm….lets see….how many times can I use the word “yummy” in one post?  And we’re not even talking about food! Smile

Check out the full color chart HERE!  Wonderful color choices.   We’re going to have fun with this paint in the days….weeks….months….to come!  I’ll be doing plenty of posts with finished pieces.

And we will ship.  We do accept PayPal.

Exciting stuff going on around here. A brand new paint line.  AND the Christmas extravaganza barn sale coming up November 15th, 16th, and 17th!



  1. I LOVE the FARMHOUSE TABLE! Beautiful re-purposed piece! LOVE reading about the new paint line as well! Congrats! Roxie

  2. That base is fabulous, Denise! Love how the table turned out! The stained top with the painted base looks great.

  3. Love the table, it sooooo gorgeous!!!! I have missed reading your blog, but I am happy to back to blogging and I am sitting here with my coffee and loving all your posts and catching up on your news. You are so talented, that table is stunning!!!

  4. When selecting high quality farm tables you see for sale, be careful to check the type of joint used to join the legs of the table to the top.Really its fantastic work and nice pictures.

    farm table

    1. Thank you so much for the info.! Her hubby put this together for her, with little or no experience. We'll see how it holds up over time. Hope you visit us again!

  5. Love the base on the table. Love the whole table! You should never doubt Heather...you know.

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