Sunday, September 30, 2012

At The Barn Today!

Progress progress!


Hang super cute linen drapes with chenille trim on either side of check out counter.  CHECK!


Hang linen drapes around concession window.  Put up yummy cream and grey shutters on upper floor.  CHECK….CHECK!


Admire all of the chippy goodness that vendors are bringing in. CHECK!


Buy the cute chocolate brown table with drawers on either end before it even hits the barn floor. CHECK!



Poke around through some of the other goodies coming in.  CHECK!


Stop to admire those shutters again!  CHECK!



Start bringing in those pumpkins!   CHECK!



Yummy…….check out some more of that merchandise coming in!  CHECK!


Paint….paint….paint some more….CHECK!

Whew!!  What a long day!  It’s coming together!  You are NOT gonna want to miss this sale!

More tomorrow!



Saturday, September 29, 2012

Progress…….At the Barn!

A rainy Saturday.  But we got soooo much work done today at the barn.


Major progress on the check out area.  Amazing what a little white paint and burlap sacks can do.


I am totally in love with this barn.  I’ve always been such a city girl.  But this 100 plus year-old dairy barn is fascinating to me.  This area was already here.  Apparently this was at one time where the dairy cows were fed and milked.  Now all these years later, it’s going to be our check out counter for the sale.


We don’t want a really finished look.  Shabby and worn.



Have you ever seen a tack room with robins egg blue French doors?  HA!


The ladder to no where?



That’s a REAL sliding barn door!  I know…..I’m a total goose!

By next Thursday…..this barn will look AMAZING!

Don’t miss the sale next weekend!  Lots of wonderful vendors coming. 

Have a Happy Weekend!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oh deer!

Have you noticed that nature inspired anything is coming back in a big way?  Of course, fall is the nature inspired time of year!  Fall inspired color and anything or everything nature is one of my favorite looks.

I really like this little nook in the 2012 Southern Living Idea House.


Cozy, country, crackled, plaid, vintage and a natural jute rug. Yummy stuff!   And plank walls……I’m about ready to get out the old tool box and go for it!

We’re doing our own version of the deer/silhouette art for the barn sale.


He’s not quite finished.  He’ll be sanded and distressed to give him that vintage look that we so love! 

Don’t miss the barn sale!  Lots of wonderful vendors and their goodies on the way.

Just posted a little ad for preview party tickets above. 

$13.00 each if you pre purchase now.  Or……$10.00 each for parties of ten or more.  Sounds like a potential girls night out to me!  And just think, you get first pick of all those wonderful goodies. Like our little friend above!  Early shopping……..


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Color Of The Week

Heather and I use a LOT of paint.  Between everything we paint to sell, workshops, and our own homes it really adds up.  And choosing NEW colors can be a daunting task.  At least for me.  Heather seems to have the knack for picking the perfect color.

Anywho……I thought it might be nice to start sharing our favorite color picks.  If we can save our blogger friends a little time and money… much the  better.

This weeks pick…….

EARTH DAY-------Pacific Paint.  Available at Munger paint if you are in the OKC area.


This is the BEST green we have ever used, hands down.  Not too lime, not too grass green.  Perfect.  A nice soft color.  We always always purchase an egg shell finish. colorofthewk3

Here’s a little school chair that I started painting today. A work in progress.

  It’s going to Heather next for Chevron pattern and a #1.  Since it’s one of a set of 4.Smile

So try “Earth Day” if you’re looking for a pretty green for some of your fall projects!

Have a Happy rest of the week!


Monday, September 24, 2012

A Touch Of Fall

In the dining room this week.  I’m making big changes there.  These changes weren’t supposed to start until after the barn sale.  But sometimes you find the perfect piece at the perfect price at the not-so-perfect time.  So lets just say that the buffet and the china hutch that sat on top of  mentioned buffet are both Gone!


Bye bye Hutch!  You can find her and the buffet at the barn sale if anyone is interested.  So that side of the room is a work in progress.  In the meantime, I had to find some place to put all of my “stuff.”

Autumn colors are just kinda my thing.


So my favorite things moved to the other side of the room in the much smaller display shelf there.



That’s a pic. of my granddaddy in the background.  LOVE that old photo!


These little goodies just kind of landed here.  But I liked the way they looked so they’ll stay for awhile.


This is as close to a pumpkin as I’ve gotten so far this year.


The pup just because the colors are so perfect.


Old spools together in large hurricane


And an overall view.  Everything really looks better anyway in this smaller vignette.


Almost forgot the top.  I’m loving the old snuff bottle.  I had forgotten that I had it until I found it way in the back of my buffet.


The arrangement on my farm table.  Heather and I found these awesome paper flowers earlier in the year on super sale at  H.L.  The perfect color for fall!


And Miss Molly is always willing to “help.”  Her talent never ceases to amaze me.  She has FOUR of my better kitchen towels in her mouth!  She just pulls them right off of the towel bar.  Crazy pup!

Have a wonderful week!


Joining Nita for Mod Mix Monday.  She always has such a fun party to start your week!  Be sure and visit her for tons of inspiration!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Barn Sale News!

An example of what you’ll be seeing at the barn the first weekend in October!

From one of our vendors!

1890Hayloft flooring

A chalkboard made from 1890’s hay loft flooring


Table made from 1870’s barn wood.  And maybe the chairs.  MAYBE??  How wonderful are those slipcovered chairs!

fulqn hb

Full/Queen Headboard made from old shutters

Okay….I want it all!  We HATE to beg…..but we were practically down on our knees begging this vendor (Greg) to do our barn sale!  This is just a small sample of his amazing work! 

See you at the barn sale!

You won’t want to miss it.


Thursday, September 20, 2012


Signs that the Sugar Moon barn sale is fast approaching!  We’ve been working hard at the barn.  Who KNEW that cool old barns are SOOOO dirty!  We have swept and swept and then swept some more.  And in between all of that we’ve had two  workshops with another one Saturday.  Not complaining AT ALL.  We are happy campers to be so so busy! 

The barn sale is going to be AMAZING!  We have been very fortunate to round up some wonderful vendors.  And….Heather and I have been working hard too.


Here’s what I’ve been working on.  I think I’ve found my new love!  Hubby is making these awesome signs and then we’re hand painting them.

Here’s one that Heather did.  The same size as the one above.


All hand painted.  I WISH I had a Cricut machine! HAHA!  I’m getting faster with each one, though.


This one will be available for custom painting.  I think I may go back and paint in the word “home”.  Sure, I need to make more work for myself.  Smile  That is the sign I’m going to hang on my front porch.  I’ve been married HOW LONG?!


Here’s another one.  In the meantime, my house is pretty much a mess.  I’m doing good just to keep the laundry done!  Work on…….!!!!

See…..I am still among the living!

See Ya!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Progress!

A bit more progress in my master bath.  I actually already had this.  I just never thought about using it in the bathroom.

An old kitchen cart.


It had been sitting outside forever.  Just rusting away.  I scraped off the rust the best that I could and then used white enamel spray paint.


I added the red cross just for a bit of whimsy.


A few items that I already had.


And a botanical theme on the wall above.


The book pages are from a 1940’s wild flower book that I’ve had forever.  I had a hard time deciding to tear these out!  But I knew that I would enjoy them in here and what good is the book if it just sits on a shelf in the closet. Smile  So I bit the bullet and went for it. 


All that’s left to do here is find something for the bottom two shelves.  Baskets….?  Pretty white towels…..?  I’ll figure it out!  Love the way the cart turned out.  It’s a perfect fit for this little wall in my teeny tiny bathroom.


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