Friday, January 18, 2013

Patchwork and Back In The Day

I had a great post planned.  It was going to be a post about the cute patchwork  pillows I’ve been making.


Like this one.  Which is still unfinished.  And our upholstery that we used to do. 

Instead…..I’m laying here in bed with the stomach virus.  Sad smile  So you’re kinda getting a half done post.  Kinda like the pillow I haven’t been able to finish and the pics. I haven’t been able to take.

Here is some of our past work…This all evolved because we always had so many left over pieces of fabric.  Waste not, want not!

Some of the fabrics and colors are a little dated.  Then again, I still love them all!

If we didn’t have enough of one fabric…..patchwork it!

Find an old chair with great bones, paint it, upholster it, and voila!






We have just gotta find a new upholsterer!

I can just visualize any of these pieces in some of the new fabrics that I love!  Or how about grain sacks and burlap?  We’ll be back on  permanent basis in March at the Main Street Market in Yukon, Ok.  on Rt. 66.  Be sure and visit us at the Affair Of The Heart in February!



  1. I still love the patch work both of you and that talented girl of yours Heather!

  2. I still love the patch work both of you and that talented girl of yours Heather!

  3. them all! Feel better soon sweetie

  4. Oh, Denise, hope you feel better soon! Love that first chair. I remember when this was so popular and loved the idea of mixing fabrics in one chair or sofa. I still like the look actually.

  5. My sister has the virus too. She is super sick. She was suppose to come see Mom today and I told her to stay away. Hope you feel better soon. Of course I love your patchwork furniture! That pillow is sooo cute!


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