Saturday, January 26, 2013

It Started With A Cabbage

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday for a few supplies.  Is it ever possible to get out of that store without spending extra money?  Not often for me.  Of all things, I saw this silk cabbage that I had to have. 


I loved the ruffled edges and the writing.  They had it in white, pink, and green.  As you can see, I went with the green.  I had every intention of putting it away until Spring was a little closer, but I couldn’t stand it.  So Spring arrived early in my dining room.


The arrangement went in the shallow bowl that sits on my scale.  I used burlap garland for filler.


Pale green hydrangeas and white tulips.


One blue hydrangea and a giant cabbage leaf in back.


And it still wasn’t full enough so what the heck, I stuck a bird nest in one side.


Very Spring looking.  Maybe I’ll add a few carrots and a bunny closer to Easter.


Not the best pic.   You can even see my unpainted woodwork in the background.   The dining room is coming along.  Sloooowwwwly.  I’m enjoying my Spring floral though!

Have a Happy week!



  1. It makes a nice addition to your arrangement, Denise! I haven't been in Hobby Lobby for awhile, just for the reason that I tend to get distracted.

  2. Oh boy! Hobby Lobby has cabbage! I wish you could get commission because after seeing yours...I am so getting that too... hope our Hobby Lobby has this as well. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks also for your visit.

  3. gosh!!! That is sooo cute. I love that cabbage! I need to get over to Hob Lob stat! Perhaps tomorrow. I need some cabbage.

  4. I went and bought everything in the photo.....don't know if I can put it together like you did, though! Thank you!

  5. who could resist that?? you made an amazing display.


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