Monday, January 14, 2013

Pompom trimmed pillow

I’m always looking for new pillow trims.  Pompoms are making a huge come back, so why not! 

I hadn’t made pompoms since I was a kid.  A little bit time consuming, but fun.

So here’s what I did.  With Heather’s help.


Awhile back, I gave Heather a variety of canvases and asked her to paint them for pillows.  This turquoise sparrow is a fav.!

I made a variety of small pompoms from a variety of yarn and learned A LOT in the process.  For instance……plain old yarn is best.  The fuzzy wuzzy variety was a little bit odd looking.  And….   making itty bitty pompoms got old fast!  So I paired them with a printed fabric ruffle for a more finished pillow trim.


I love the finished trim!


Lots of cute pompom projects at!  Give Jennifer a visit for tons of fun inspiration!

Happy week!



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