Monday, May 20, 2013

Hug your loved ones and family-update 5/21

Please pray for the tornado victims in Oklahoma.  We stood in our kitchen and watched t.v. this afternoon as a huge tornado bore down on Moore Oklahoma.  The devastation is horrible.   I’m sitting here now watching television and rescue workers at an elementary school which took a direct hit.  They are searching for children and teachers.  Too many horrible stories to even mention.

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Lighting a virtual candle for everyone affected by this tragedy.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Hug your children and loved ones and tell them you love them.  You just never know……

Update 5/21……Today, I must say that I am proud to be an Oakie!  People in Oklahoma are amazing!  Their resilience and endurance is amazing.  Donations and help to the people of Moore has been astounding.  So many people have such a long hard road ahead of them and believe me, I can’t help but feel guilty as I sit here in my pretty bedroom enjoying my T.V. and laptop when so many are suffering. 

I listened to a national news cast this evening, and they were saying that people on both coasts just can not understand the way we live here.  I had to smile, knowing that people here are the most giving and caring people that you will find anywhere. 

Someone that I worked with at the time lost her house in the May 3rd tornado fourteen years ago.  I remember her saying that you just can’t conceive what it is to loose everything until you don’t even have a tooth brush or a bobby pin for your hair.

Keeping everyone in the areas devastated by tornadoes in our prayers……..


  1. I've been glued to the tv. Just that school. I'm praying all those children will be found ok.

  2. I'm with you, Denise. I've been hiding tears from my kids all day. Thankfully, it stayed away from OKC, where I am. I am devastated for Moore.

    Praying in OK,

  3. Denise I am so glad you posted. I was worried about you and only just heard of it last night on the radio. Seeing it on tv it almost doesn't seem real. Devastating loss.
    I pray for the people of Moore.


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