Sunday, May 26, 2013

Who’s Your Buddy?

Do you have a shopping buddy?  That one person whom you really enjoy junking with because they have the same tastes as you.  Having a shopping buddy can be a great thing…..or at times an annoying thing.  For instance, when that person has a great eye and that crazy inner radar that always leads them right to the perfect find. 

My shopping buddy is Heather.  Now you would think that her being my DAUGHTER would be an advantage.  However, she is sometimes prone to gloating over her finds and not seeing how I should have first dibs.  Even though she found them first. 

I’m not prone to holding grudges or anything…… Smile … really!  But there was this one…..vintage……floral……picture that she found years and years ago at an antique mall.  At, may I add, an amazingly cheap price, that falls in the above mentioned category.

I’ve coveted it ever since.  The other day, she announced that she was ready to relinquish ownership to MOI !!  Exciting!

I knew immediately where it needed to hang!

My master bedroom!


I love it!  It’s finally found its rightful home! Smile HA


Now the search for (affordable) matching topiaries has begun.


If I could, I would just duplicate the one on the left.  Right down to the chippy planter.


Aren’t the colors gorgeous!?

And it goes well with other florals in my bedroom


Poor naked baby!



Including the floral on my chairs.  Which I WAS beginning to really tire of.


What do you think Willow, do you approve?


I think that means yes!

Thank you Heather!  For finally sending this pretty floral my way!

Oh…..Willow says thank you too! 



  1. It's beautiful Denise!!! I am so happy to read that your daughter is also you favorite shopping companion. Mine too. Any one of the four have the best taste and really keep their eyes open for the things they know I would love. Aren't we the luckiest mom's in the world?
    I hope all is awesome with you Denise. Your message made my whole day!

  2. Ha! It is beautiful!
    Congrats on your gift...your shopping buddy is generous.
    My shopping buddy is Cheri....we do the clothes thing. We share grudges so far!

  3. How did you manage to convince her to relinquish ownership? It really is a beautiful piece of art. All the accessories are very subtle and well chosen. Though, I’m not 100% sure about that floral chair.

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