Saturday, June 1, 2013

This Week

Well….it’s been another horrible week here weather wise.  Last night was another wild one.   Parts of this one much closer to home.  And unfortunately more deaths.  Why can’t these storms just leave the babies and mommy’s alone?  If only it were ever that fair.  We spent a fair amount of the evening in the neighbors storm cellar.  It’s been the worst Spring I can ever remember.  Apparently this was some unusual, crazy, super cell or something that even had the Weather Channel here chasing the storm.  Unfortunately, as these things sometimes do, the tornado took an unexpected turn and tore his chase vehicle to pieces.  He was lucky to be alive.  That was only about 10 to 15 miles straight West of us.  So yep, too close.

Other than that, I have pneumonia.  I’ve been in bed coughing and moaning all week.  On the plus side, boy am I up to date on Pinterest!  If it’s out there, I found it.

For instance, I am CERTAIN that I love white kitchens.


Subway tile


Farmhouse/apron sinks


Really expensive ovens.  Even though I don’t cook.


And after much deliberation……marble countertops.  Although I don’t hope to EVER have real marble.  They do have a laminate now that is a pretty good representation.


And of course when all you’ve done all week is lay around in ugly tee shirts watching the polish peel off of your toes… certainly want to think about FASHION.



I really wish I had the nerve to cut my hair like this.


But then I wouldn’t be able to wear my hair like this.


Maxi skirts with tanks and denim rock.  So do the wedges, although I would kill myself wearing them.  Instantly.


I am MADLY in love with this.  I probably couldn’t even afford the shirt!


Stacked bangles are the bomb diggity!

Goodness knows, I have plenty of bracelets to do this with!

And finally……..

I am madly, crazy, in love with……..


Vintage trailers!




Oh wow!  Surely she takes those antlers down when she travels.


So cute.  I WANTTTTTT one!  Lets go Glamping!

I need to hurry up and feel better!  Today I headed toward EBay.  Looking at vintage French linens.  This cannot end well if something doesn’t give soon.



  1. Hope you are feeling better, Denise! Hearing about these tornadoes is so scary. They are not frequent in Ohio but possible. I get nervous every time. We're not used to tornado warnings in New York. Love your pictures. I also wish I was brave enough to cut my hair short, but one day I'm sure I'll get fed up enough to do it! Love that outfit with the maxi skirt and wedges. I actually find them easier to wear now then regular heels.

  2. sorry to hear you are so sick! But I do love all your pins...I was busy repinning them last night! We love all the same stuff. This has been quite the year for storms. I'm so ready for it to be over too.

  3. Goodness sorry to hear you are so sick!!! We have all been following your horrible weather. I did hear today that 3 storm chasers from the weather channel died, they did not announce it until today. Lets hope the worst of the weather is gone!


  4. I just bit the bullet and got my hair cut short very similar to that picture, i need more texture on top

    and love that white top also it is at Macy's I seen it last weekend at the galleria in St Louis Mo

    put them bracelets on girl they will make you feel better

    OMG so sorry you are sick and thank God your safe from all the tornadoes

    thinking about you


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