Monday, June 24, 2013

Vintage Linens!

First…..I know this is a little late……but my apologies to anyone who may have received a strange e-mail from me around the middle of the month.  Apparently my e-mail account was hacked and an e-mail was sent to random people.  It even sent one back to me.  There was a link attached and as tempting as it was, I didn’t dare open it.  I certainly hope this didn’t cause a problem for anyone.

SO….on with today’s post!

Heather made a huge and I mean HUGE haul of vintage linens last week!  She bought an entire assorted lot for one price and brought them straight to me.  Boy oh boy!  Have I been having fun!  Like many of you, I love me some vintage linens.  Even laundering and sorting them has been a pleasure.  There are so many, I still haven’t taken the time to get  an accurate count!


Table clothes galore!


Look at the colors!



The reds with turquoise are my favorites!


And these aren’t all of them.  There was a load in the washer and another in the dryer as I was taking these pictures. 


They all look so sweet with ironstone.  Can’t you just see this red check for a July 4th picnic?


Tons of pillow cases.



I thought she was sweet.  Her skirt is hand stitched on to the case and then embroidered.  The ruffle goes all the way around.

There are also table runners, samplers, doilies, hankies.  Oh the FUN of it all!!

Not all of them are in perfect shape.  There are tears and holes here and there.  But those can be cut and repurposed for pillows, etc.

In OTHER news… sorry that I have been missing from the blogosphere lately, but after being sick, I had exactly one week to prepare for the OKC Junk Hippy Roadshow.  If you live in the area and didn’t go, boy did you miss out!  Many out of state vendors with new and different goods and tons I mean TONS of great vintage goodies.  Did I take pics.?  Of course not.  I forgot.  To tell you the truth, I was too overwhelmed with all of the vintage goodness there.  It was seriously the best show that I have shopped at (as well as sold at) in ages.  That’s where I purchased the three little ironstone pieces above and got them for about a third of the price that I usually see here, from a dealer from Missouri.

Heather and I will be doing the Junk Hippy Roadshow in Houston the middle of July.  Yes, that’s a long trek for us, but my step-son lives there so we’ll be staying with him and get to see his two cutie little boys!  Looking forward to the show and the family time! 

Lots to talk about and show you.  Will be trying to play blog catch up in the days ahead!



  1. Oh my! I love all that stuff! Especially the old pastel printed tablecloths. I didn't know about the junk hippie show! Sounds like it was fantastic! Are you going to do your barn sale again?

  2. Wow - how fun are all those? I would LOVE it! Congrats on such a great buy! Have Fun at Junk Hippy!

  3. I just love the vintage linens. Everything looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing these. Blessings, Martha


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