Monday, July 29, 2013

New Lamps,a new vignette, and Chalk Paint

Have you purchased a new lamp lately?  If not, prepare for sticker shock!  They are not cheap.  In fact, I was looking through a wholesale catalog not too long ago and there wasn’t a lamp in it for less than $100.00 wholesale.  My problem was that I needed a pair of lamps.  It was one of those “I’ll know it when I see it” type situations.  My usual go to places like Hobby Lobby and T.J. Maxx yielded nothing that interested me.  I looked everywhere on line until I finally remembered Kirklands.  I can’t even remember then last time I shopped there. 

I found these nice neutral lamps on their web site.  At a reasonable price!


Not exactly Pottery Barn, which I would have preferred.  They have some GORGEOUS lamps!  But these were a great compromise and they have a pretty burlap shade.  And shipping was free.

  So then I had two new lamps and I needed a new vignette.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you may remember this little cabinet from last year.


I hated that yellowy pine.  But hubby insisted that I not paint it.  So I didn’t…..until last week.


Here it is now.  The outside is Maison Blanche Confederate Gray and the inside is A.S. Aubusson blue.  I was a little surprised at how bright this blue turned out.  I don’t know if it was the yellow stained color underneath of the fact that I have had the can  of paint for over a year??  Anywho… was a happy surprise!

I choose these colors because I felt like my living room was beginning to look a little too pastel and cold for my taste.


So here is my Chevron chest and the little shelf today.  My ceilings are so taaalllll that I had to add the basket and architectural detail above to give the entire vignette a little more height and size.  I’m still thinking maybe old chippy shutters on the wall behind the lamps.  What do you think?



Even my little dog collection and my dog soldiers picture made a reappearance.

Other than the lamps, everything  came from other places in the house or my “Stash” of extra accessories.  Which, by the way, I keep in the drawers of my chevron chest.   Do you have a place where you keep extra accessories?  I keep saying that I’m going to get rid of a bunch more stuff and then I open one of those big deep drawers and the sight of the “hoard” is just too much for me.  I just close the drawer and go looking for a much more exciting project.  Smile

Joining Nita at Mod Vintage Life today for Mod Mix Monday!


Have a wonderful week!



  1. I really like the blue! My favorite thing of all though is your dog soldiers picture!! {I want one!} I always enjoy seeing how you decorate.

    And I'm searching for pair of lamps, too. ;)


  2. Love those lamps, Denise! I love the idea of shutters on the wall behind where the lamps are. I think that would look great with your cabinet, too.

  3. Love the new lamps! I was at Marshall's on Saturday in Mid West City and found two wonderful lamps that looked straight out of Pottery Barn for $39.99 each. I did not buy them though even though I really wanted to because I do not need them and I just finished a lamp makeover of a Thrift Store find. But they were awful nice. I adore your chevron chest. Tell me is this the chest that used to have flowers painted on it? The one that came from a store with flowers painted on it? I adore the way it looks now. Love the little shelf painted all up in gray and blue. Thanks for joining the party this week.

  4. Love the "new" painted shelf cabinet. Nice shade of blue.
    Love Kirklands


  5. I shared your new lamps today on Mod Mix Monday!

  6. I love your chevron dresser! So adorable! How did you do this?

  7. Everything looks gorgeous! Love the lamps and the chest and the blue paint too. I say yes to the shutters behind the lamps. Now I am itching to play around with some rearranging. You are always an inspiration Denise.


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