Thursday, August 1, 2013

Boys Rooms……A Decorating Challenge!

It’s true, wouldn’t you agree, that boys rooms can be a real challenge to decorate.  Do you go with a theme?  What color scheme?  Yep, it’s a fact, when compared to decorating for little girls, boys rooms are pretty….well….boring.

So what led me toward this frame of thought was this.

I was looking through my Harbour Freight flyer that I received in the mail and saw this….


…..awesome utility cart.  With locking wheels, two shelves, a drawer, and measuring 16x30, this would make such a cute bedside table for a boys room!  And priced at only $60.00 it’s also affordable. 

So I decided to do a little arm chair shopping.  To create a cute (oops strike that word) okay….handsome …..boys room.  So here’s my theme.  There is no theme!  But a nice room that would grow with my imaginary kiddo!


Here, I’ve included my utility cart for beside his bed.  A homemade pallet headboard would add a great texture to the room at a great D.I.Y. price.  Industrial lighting seemed in order for this look we’re creating so I searched Etsy and found two great options.  I personally preferred option number one with the three lights.  I would hang this above the pallet headboard.  For an older boy, option number two would look great.  One on either side of the bed.  But I imagine not so much for the little guys.  Burnt fingers on that light bulb and so forth.

For bedding, I headed straight to Target.  Have you seen the new Nate Berkus line there?  So many wonderful options with a great masculine look!  I choose the grey plaid from his line.   Keeping the bed simple and easy to make I choose a single throw pillow.  Mine is a motorcycle theme.  There again, Etsy is a great place to shop for pillows if you don’t sew.

The curtains that I choose are from Land Of Nod.  They add a touch more color to the room and also have the room darkening lining for a good nights sleep.  However, I think drop cloth curtains would also be great in this space!

Now to furnish the rest of the room……


Next, I hit the Ikea web site.  Heather and I both LOVE Ikea!  Such great modern clean lined furniture at affordable prices.  I choose both the desk and the red office chair from there.  They match our “no theme” room and give our little boy plenty of room to create, color, and later, study!  The baskets, such a great option for staying organized, are from Pottery Barn. 

The wall décor (sorry I don’t know the source) is clean and simple and would be a super duper easy D.I.Y. project.  They sell inexpensive canvases at Hobby Lobby that would be perfect or you could also cut a square 12x12 board for yours.   A wonderful way to add your own personal touch to a room!

Lastly, you’ll notice I have included paint options on both boards.  These are Benjamin Moore’s most popular neutrals.  Just be careful with taupe.  Always check your paint formula for the underlying colors.  Taupe many times has a red undertone and lends a pink cast to the wall.

So there you have it!  A great looking boys room with some wonderful neutrals. And your little guy can add his preferences to the décor without causing YOU any major anxiety!   Compromise, I always say!   Now that was FUN wasn’t it?   GO DECORATE!

Hope you’re having a wonderful week!


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