Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Halloween Wreath D.I.Y.!

Today starts the beginning of a new weekly post series for Heather and I !

We’re calling it…..

Buy It, Build It, Brag!  A D.I.Y. series every week!  Hopefully, these posts will be up every Tuesday, but I’m setting it as a Wednesday post every week.  So you might want to subscribe to our blog via e-mail to keep up with our new series!

On with the show!!!!!!

This week……

gray back ground 001

We’re showing you how to build this CUTE glittery Halloween wreath!

For todays project, all elements used came from Michaels.  No, we are not promoting the store, but we have found that they have the best crafting “elements” for Halloween!

Your project list…..


I’ll give you the total cost when we are finished!

  1. Black Halloween Wreath
  2. 2 rolls of contrasting ribbon (wired)
  3. 1 container of asst. Halloween balls
  4. 1 glittered pumpkin
  5. 1 silly glittered crow or other focal point “critter” of your choice
  6. 1 maple leaf glitter pick
  7. 2 black glittered pine picks with orange balls
  8. 1 black glittered pick with green bats and orange spider
  9. 1 white enamel paint (I’ll show you a pic. in a sec.)
  10. The usual crafting tools.  Glue gun, scissors, wire cutters, floral wire.  AND….a pencil with eraser.  Now I got you wonderin’! Huh?

Here we go!  Empty that container of asst. Halloween ball ornaments and divide into two piles.  You will have enough of these for two projects.  So either put 1/2 of them away for future use or give the other half to your friend (or daughter)Smile for a second wreath.

Here’s the paint we’ll be using.


FolkArt enamel in white.  It dries faster and adheres better to ornaments.  Now empty just a tiny bit into the paint lid and take the ERASER end of your pencil and…..


Add polka dots to your ornaments!  It’s those little extra things that are going to make all of the difference in the end!  Set ornaments aside and let dry.  They’ll be the last thing that you glue in.  F.Y.I.  Heather was the official “polka dot person” for this project! 

Next….fluff that wreath!

Now glue crow to pumpkin, let hot glue dry.  Glue pumpkin with crow on top in the bottom middle of your wreath.  Let hot glue dry.  And for goodness sake, don’t burn yourself!  I always seem to! Smile

Next three picks will be added as follows……..


Cut the ends off of your three picks  with your wire cutters to get rid of the excess wire on the bottom.  The two pine picks with orange balls  glue in on either side of the pumpkin, the other pick with green bats glues in on the left side above the pine pick.    Your wreath should look like the one pictured above at this point.

I don’t have a wreath stand, so I sat mine on one of my bar stools to work on it. 

Next, using your wire cutters, cut all of the glittered maple leaves off of their stem.


I used three in one wreath and two in another but you can use all five in yours if you like.  Put one leaf each at the bottom on either side of your pumpkin and the third  about center top.

Now it’s time to make those bows.  This is a difficult one to explain in text, but I’ll give it a go…..

You will definitely have enough ribbon to make two bows.  One bow will be polka dot bottom with stripe top, the other will be stripe bottom with polka dot top.

To make the bow as pictured above, take your polka dot ribbon and cut off 59”  from the roll.  Set aside for later use.

Now we’ll make the bottom bow.    This is the technique that my Mother taught me a hundred years ago and it is a no fail technique, EVERY TIME!  Promise!


We could almost use a You Tube tutorial for this one!  LOL  Leaving a little “tail” start looping back and forth in your hand.  You will end up with three loops on each side and a tail on each side.  Secure bow in middle with floral wire.


Now it’s time to make the top striped bow…….cut off 59” of stripe ribbon and set the rest of the roll to the side for later use.  Take your 59” piece of ribbon and follow the instructions as above, only this time you will have two loops on each side.  Secure with floral wire.


NOW…..fluff both bows to your satisfaction.


They should look something like the pic. above.

Now glue the top bow to the bottom bow.


And you have THIS!  Now you know how to make pretty bows!  The wired ribbon is the ONLY way to go!  They just fluff up and finish so much prettier!

Glue your bow in your wreath on the right side.  NOW all of those ornaments that you polka dotted should be dry.  Glue those in here and there and BAM!  YOU  ARE FINISHED! 


Now go BRAG about it!   Ohh, Ohh, I almost forgot!  Taking into account that you have some left over product, and not adding in supplies that you should already have in your craft stash, the total cost of this wreath was…..

……drum roll please!……$26.00.  WOW!  And,  YOU built it!  Please note I ALWAYS wait for the sales and on any product that is NOT on sale that week, I always know that I can use my 40% off coupon, which is what I did with the black wreath.

Next week…..a pretty Fall wreath.    I know, I know, totally backwards.  But what can I say, we were drawn towards all the glitter and that was the end of that!  LOL!

Hope you enjoyed our first D.I.Y. project.  With tears in my eyes, I can definitely say, that my Mom would have been proud of me!  She taught me absolutely everything that I know when it comes to florals.  I miss you Mother!

Whew!  Believe me, I took longer to write this tutorial than it will take you to build your wreath!  This is a quick and awesome project for your front door or somewhere in your home!


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  1. Great tutorial, Denise, and I love this wreath! I stink at making bows so I will have to remember your tips. : )

  2. Love the wreath. I was at Michael's yesterday and bought a stash of stuff to make Halloween things...I don't know what...but I wanted to have supplies on hand for when I decided to make something in the middle of the night.

  3. No matter how hard I try I can never seem to get my bows to come out right! I usually give up and go without it, but yours looks so cute with it I need to give it another shot! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That is a cute bow! They can be so difficult! Love the Halloween wreath.

    I found you through Work It Wednesday (The Happy Housie). I'd love for you to hop over to see what I've been up to lately. I'm off to check out the rest of your blog.

    Take Care!
    Ashley @ 3littlegreenwoods

  5. This is beautiful. Following from the bloglovin hop Kathe with an E. Please come share this wreath at my party, if you wish. Linda



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