Monday, February 28, 2011

The Power of Change!

It was simple, really.  Either move my sewing “junk” somewhere besides the dining room,  or go CRAZy.  And it’s a short trip to crazy for this gal! :)  

So, and this was my Hubby’s idea, upstairs to the small nook in our master bedroom it allll went.  As he said, at least it’s the last room in the house that visitors ever see.  So if it gets messy, not such a big deal!

But, I had no idea what a transformation this would be!

Tons of pics. to follow……..

New matching bookcases.  One on either end.

Is it just me, or is there something about stacks of fabric?   All of that color, pattern, and texture.

OTHER side!

Ms. Mannequin LOVES it here.   It’s almost time for her Spring couture!

And my long narrow work table in the center for my sewing machines.

Skirted for more hidden storage underneath.

And there MUST be a bit of bling.

Those little guys…….just because!

Now, the only thing missing is a good cutting table. 

However, this will work for smaller projects.

Need to find a solution for all of those cords.  Any suggestions?  I almost sold my Clinique Cheron poster so many times.  But there’s just always been something about it that I love.  I’m thinking about maybe painting the table top and the frames.  Too much gold??

My Mom’s childhood Pinocchio hankie. 

Aahhh…….sweet moon.  Me thinks you are about to become FAMOUS!  But that’s for a later post!

Off to buy some Spring fabrics!  Are you beginning to love brighter colors with the nicer weather and sunshine?  Me too!!



Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I’m feeling sleeeppy………

That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.  Been awake since about 4:45.  It’s now…..6:39.  Don’t you just hate that?   Of course, I am drinking coffee right now.  That should help, right?  NOT!

Maybe if I slept in a bed like this


I could have sworn that I hated those old patch work quilts.   Goes to show ‘ya what I know!  Love LOVE the totally random way the vintage sheets are put together.

Check out jek in the box on Flickr.  And while you’re there, be sure and look at her creative headboard.  Too cute!


Thursday, February 17, 2011


This hounds…..tooth is make in’ me howl.  With delight.

Heather recently finished this one for her bedroom.


Grey and silver metallic.  Love the different knobs on each drawer.  She said she’d be happy to paint one for you…….for about a gazillion dollars.  Apparently this was quite time consuming.  Hand painted.  NOT stenciled.  YIKES!


A highchair for a customer.  Polka dots on the spindles?  I don’t know how she does it.  Really!


Frames.  You wouldn’t even need a photo in this.  It’s a piece of art by itself.


zcz zzc

These pics. that she sent me are small, but when I tried to enlarge, I lost too much resolution and they were blurry.  But you get the idea!  I love LOVE the floral.  These frames are HUGE.  Huummm, how about stapling some chicken wire on the back and using them for jewelry hangers.  CUTE!

At home…..Jack The Cat has been renamed.  Jack The Ripper!  After his most recent blitz attack on poor Willow kitty.

“Who me?  But look how adorable I am!”

“I mean seriously, have you EVER seen a cuter kitty than little old ME.”

It’s always the most innocent looking who are the biggest trouble makers!……

……See Ya!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Still Editing

I’m still in the editing mood around here.   Remember this bench?

A great size for a child’s room, it went to the Rink this week.  The little slipcover stayed with it, the pillow is staying with me.

A little blue vintage end table from the living room.  A rooster lamp, and plate rack and plates also  need new homes.

And this bench will be on the way next week.

After I paint it.

With this seat cover.  I had a slipcover on it, which is somewhere in my archives, if you’re looking for a better picture,  but I’m keeping that fabric.  This cushion is in perfect condition and reverses to a solid brown.

In its place……


The little chair is waiting to be reupholstered, but I thought it looked kinda cute just like it is.  It’s so old that there is straw underneath the batting.

I LOVE my vintage suitcases and actually use them to store craft supplies in.   And of course baskets.  I change their little vignettes all the time.

This trunk……..

Will be getting a coat of cream paint this week and I’ll be keeping it.  More great storage, probably for all those magazines we all “need.”

Love the lamp shade that I finished for this lamp.  The hair clip isn’t part of the decor. :)  oops!

So I’ve been organizing, editing, cleaning closets, and really trying to minimize my furniture and accessories.  Isn’t it amazing what you can accumulate after 30 years in the same house.  Yep 30 (plus) years!

One thing’s for sure, I’m NOT a hoarder!  :)


Monday, February 7, 2011

Flower Power

Have you noticed it?  The trend toward LARGE more modern floral patterns in textiles. 



And wallpaper.  This room is way way too busy for me.   I love that grey and pink though.   Maybe without the bed crown, different drapes and fewer flowers in the bedding. 

On the other hand……..


I found these stencils on Etsy.


Much less expensive.


And you can always paint over it.



large scale floral patterns are Heather’s best sellers.  From floors to frames (picture frames) it’s what everyone seems to love. 

I’ll stick with my creams and blues, thank you.    I do think something fun and contemporary would be perfect in a teen girls room.  Or maybe a family room.

Another big snow storm is moving our way.  YUK!!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Days

If you’ve been snowed in this week like we have, what have you been doing?  Other than cooking and cleaning the kitchen 90bazillion times! :)

Attempts were made to stay outside in the freezing cold more than about 10 minutes.

Brrrrrr it’s been cold!

I did manage to start making a few new flowers.


Then I promptly ran out of glue sticks.  Darn it!

You would think that this should have been a very productive week.  Instead it was all about lounging around wrapped in a blanket and watching T.V.

And of course cruising blogs.  One of my first stops is always Little Blue Deer where you will find wonderful images like this…..


Shari always finds the most fantastic pictures.  Thank you Shari!  This is my idea of a perfect snow day.  When you visit Shari’s blog, be sure and visit her sources listed under each post.  Tumblr is FULL of amazing eye candy!


I could SO curl up on this sofa with a good book.  Love LOVE the color.  Grey is becoming a new favorite of mine.


If you prefer more color, this tufted yellow head board is pretty yummy.  Love the bedding that they’ve paired it with!

Easy elegance

This picture makes me want to paint and paper my old door.  Love the chippy peely look of it.  I have to wonder though, why is it when I throw a cover like that over my furniture, it never looks so beautiful?


I need to try and make one of those wonderful flowers on that bag.  Again, the grey walls with the pops of color really does it for me.

Be sure and visit Just Be Splendid and Vintage Rose Garden for the pictures above and hours of great blogging beauty!  I found both of these Tumblr blogs through Little Blue Deer.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  The sun is out here.  Temporarily at least.  Apparently there is another round of bad weather headed our way.



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